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User level for data access

Most of the data from the ORE HYBAM database are free for registered users. This is particularly the case of:

  • all data for the ORE HYBAM stations
  • hydrological data for the brasilian Amazon stations
  • physico-chemical and geochemical collected during field campaigns carried out by research teams associated with the ORE HYBAM.

Other information from the database, which are not directly produced by the ORE-HYBAM, and are sometimes subject to agreements with partners in the research teams associated with the ORE are available only to users who have the status of "Partner".

This status may be requested from the Head of the ORE HYBAM by sending a message of justification to the following address:

Regardless of the user status, all data are shown in the inventory. When requesting a graphic, table or data download a message (in red) warns that some of the requested data (those reserved for users "Partners") were not treated.